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VALAND Industrial Founded in 2000, the registered capital of 103.8 million.

It is professional development, production and sales of LCD screen, touch panel and high-tech business-related equipment and materials.

Do most characteristic domestic, the world's most professional-quality LCD screen and touch panel development manufacturers.

There are currently 66 employees (including R & D staff of 20 people, all doctoral and master's degree)

Taiwan has R & D, production and office space three (600 M2)

With production, office space in Shenzhen, China, one (1,000 M2)

It has a plant in Tongling, China (15,000 M2) in the construction of the industrial park piece (66667M2).


The company purchased hundreds of high precision and advanced equipment to meet the production needs of various glass lenses, touch panel and to ensure the yield and quality of the product .


Free stylus suspension preview display, 3D virtual touch products, fine silver line of products, the surface hardness of the plastic material products, SSG touch structure development.


Team Advantage

1. To provide the Company Studies in IP (Intelligence Property) type provision and sale of intellectual property rights to the world's major companies, assisting patent development and layout planning

2. Taiwan's world-class companies to provide patent infringement litigation consultant and expert witness services

3. To provide a high-performance low-cost, low energy, high reliability of photovoltaic systems, green energy systems and components Application Design Solutions

4. Provide Taiwanese turned into Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Malaysia and other places to set up factories and other related technical services

5. Improve plant yield is key to making money, the same equipment have different results in different teams operate, the company has solutions team


Technical for its own R & D technology, the future technology upgrades, in order not to be controlled by others. The company has a strong lineup of technology and R & D team, in addition to continuing the next generation touch technology independent research and development work, the more important is an early patent portfolio in the key technology areas, in addition to patents litigation can fight international electronics manufacturers , better stop the opponent as a follow-up, or the basis for negotiations with international companies of patent cross-licensing.
Team face Team members are doctoral-level talent in major University of Technology, with production projected capacitive touch products require semiconductor background, but also has practical experience in the laboratory and industrial production sector, but has served as the domestic electronics manufacturers technical adviser, can quickly solve technical problems, to enhance the yield.

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